Wild Sea Trout is delicious


Anthony Sargeant bought a whole fresh Wild Sea Trout just over a month ago at the Indoor Bullring Market in Birmingham. After he had filleted and eaten some portions a few pieces were fast frozen and this is one of them. It was defrosted then cooked sous vide at about 55 degrees Celsius for just 8 minutes so that it retained its moistness. Served on a bed of lemon zest infused rice and with a few thinly sliced pickled courgettes it was delicious. The only disappointment was the Samphire bought from Tesco on a “well lets try it basis” it was English but ‘cultivated’. It looks decorative enough in the picture but “Warning!” it bears no comparison to real wild samphire. It was not as bad as Israeli samphire which is even worse – but still not worth bothering with. it was clean and reasonably tender but lacked the thick succulence and taste of the real thing. If somebody eating samphire for the first time was given this they could be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss was about! Advice is to avoid.

Note on sous vide : You do not need a lot of expensive kit. This was done by putting the fillet into a resealable food storage bag and squeezing the air out before sealing then immersing in water in a large saucepan at 55 degrees celsius kept on the lowest setting on the ceramic hob for 8-10 minutes (water temperature checked regulary with an electric meat thermometer – well worth investing  a few pounds in one of these for all sorts of applications)


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