Freshly cooked Lobster bought for 2017 Christmas Eve Dinner


This supper fresh Cornish Lobster was bought at Barkworths Fishmongers in The Indoor Market of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Anthony J Sargeant cooked this using that retro-recipe for Lobster Thermidor. It was delicious – and by the by Barkworths is one of the best fishmongers in the UK that Tony had ever found – highly recommended.


Cheap but really delicious protein – chicken livers served with rice and peas

Anthony J Sargeant recommends this very cheap and delicious protein which is under-appreciated by the wider population (excluding Jews – who know very well how delicious it can be). Quickly pan-fried (and flamed off in brandy) leaving the inside of the pieces slightly pink – just a wonderful meal.


The Lacemaker by Vermeer

A favourite painting in the Louvre in Paris by Vermeer. Anthony Sargeant suggests to avoid the crowds around the Mona Lisa and seek out this miraculous gem.

Vermeer - The Lace-maker

The Lacemaker was completed around 1669–1670. The work shows a young woman dressed in a yellow shawl, holding up a pair of bobbins in her left hand as she carefully places a pin in the pillow on which she is making her bobbin lace. At 24.5 cm x 21 cm (9.6 in x 8.3 in), the work is the smallest of Vermeer’s paintings, but in many ways one of his most abstract and unusual.


Hake fillet on a bed of Sweetheart cabbage with crushed new potatoes — Tony Sargeant – Anthony Sargeant

Superb thick fillet of Cornish Hake cooked by Anthony Sargeant. The Hake was ordered from the superb fish stall in Shrewsbury’s covered market. Carefully pan fried and served with a chicken based sauce on a bed of Sweetheart cabbage. Hake is in the view of many a superior taste to Cod. Shown below is the size of the Hake from which Tony Sargeant filleted this portion. The remainder of the filleted portions were fast frozen (it freezes very well).

via Hake fillet on a bed of Sweetheart cabbage with crushed new potatoes — Tony Sargeant – Anthony Sargeant

Ceres in Fifeshire, Scotland (A. Mason Hunter ARSA, RSW 1854-1921) – in the collection of Anthony Sargeant — Tony Anthony J Sargeant

Anthony Sargeant bought this charming impressionistic landscape at auction. It is an oil on canvas laid on board and measures approximately 35 by 45cm. The artist was born in Broxburn. He lived in Edinburgh and painted landscape and coastal views. He studied at the Edinburgh School of Design and later in Paris and at Barbizon. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1889, the Royal Society of British Artists and the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours.

via Ceres in Fifeshire, Scotland (A. Mason Hunter ARSA, RSW 1854-1921) – in the collection of Anthony Sargeant — Tony Anthony J Sargeant

Honeysuckle scrambling through the hawthorn hedges in the lanes of Shropshire


It was just a month ago that the late flowering honeysuckle was scrambling through the hawthorn hedges of the Shropshire lanes. Photographed by Anthony Sargeant on one of his early morning bicycle rides in September, the hedgerows have now been cut back and the blossom and leaves have gone as the first frosts of winter bring all growth to a halt till next Spring.

Remembrance of the warm south

Anthony Sargeant and his partner drove down through Europe in an Austin A35 van and ended up here in Sibenik on the Adriatic coast of what was then Yugoslavia ruled by Tito. This photograph was taken on a small wooded resort island just of the coast of Sibenik where small ferry boats took holiday makers to enjoy the sun and the sea. Šibenik is a city on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. It’s known as a gateway to the Kornati Islands. The 15th-century stone Cathedral of St. James is decorated with 71 sculpted faces. Nearby, the Šibenik City Museum, in the 14th-century Prince’s Palace, has exhibits ranging from prehistory to the present. The white stone St. Michael’s Fortress has an open-air theater, with views of Šibenik Bay and neighboring islands.

via Warm summer sun of the Adriatic — Tony Sargeant – Anthony Sargeant