Andy our lovely dog who died a few years ago

Andy 2011

Andy was a rescue dog – a great big irrepresible blond dollop of a dog. Anthony Sargeant took this photograph of him – he was an Alsatian cross of some kind. The rescue kennels had tried to rehouse him on 3 or 4 occasions but he was returned each time because the families could not cope with his size and energy – fortunately living in a big house with fields behind we could. He was irresistible on our first visit to the kennels bounding out to greet us. He lived to a good age for a big dog but it was heart wrenching when he died.

Snowdrops in Shropshire


The lanes around the Shropshire home of Anthony Sargeant are full of snowdrops at this time of the year (February 2017). This small clump was photographed in the hedgerow just opposite the house. There are a remarkable number of different varieties – this one has delicately green tips to the inner corona.There is a local story that in the 19th Century a man from the nearby hamlet of Morville walked the lanes planting snowdrops in the hedgerows.

Cute cat on the back of the sofa


Anthony Sargeant took this photograph of Shorty the grey cat looking relaxed but alert.  Shorty is a very friendly cat who was the pet of Tony’s daughter but when she left home she was unable to take Shorty with her and so – as often happens – parents have had the ‘pleasure’ of looking after Shorty these past 5 or more years.

Wonderful Winter Sunset

Sensational evening sky photographed from the garden of the Shropshire (UK) home of Anthony Sargeant a few weeks ago. The old Oak tree silhouetted against the evening sky is part of an ancient hedgerow separating two fields where sheep graze.

via Winter sunset in Shropshire photographed by Anthony Sargeant — anthonyjsargeant1

UK and the EU – rats and sinking ships?

In response to the Ex-Prime Minister of Belgian and now EU Parliament negotiator for Brexit talks, Guy Verhofstadt, likening the UK leaving the EU to “rats leaving a sinking ship”. Anthony Sargeant comments as follows ….

via UK and EU and Brexit – EU Negotiator Verhofstadt likens it to rats leaving a sinking ship — TONY Anthony SARGEANT