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Spring Snowflakes in Sunny Shropshire

Anthony J Sargeant thought the reader might like the alliteration – they look like snowdrops but flower slightly later in early spring in England (today is 2nd April 2017). It has been a beautiful Spring day. (Spring Snowflakes – Leucojum vernum)

via Spring Snowflakes on a Sunny Sunday in Shropshire — Tony Anthony J Sargeant

Forget-me-not Flowers in a Shropshire Hedgerow

IMG_4777 crop

These tiny flowers were photographed by Anthony Sargeant yesterday 30th March 2017. They are growing in the hedgerow around his Shropshire home. Suddenly Spring has arrived in England and the hedgerows are blossoming with many wild flowers as well as some escapees from domestic gardens.

Snowdrops in Shropshire


The lanes around the Shropshire home of Anthony Sargeant are full of snowdrops at this time of the year (February 2017). This small clump was photographed in the hedgerow just opposite the house. There are a remarkable number of different varieties – this one has delicately green tips to the inner corona.There is a local story that in the 19th Century a man from the nearby hamlet of Morville walked the lanes planting snowdrops in the hedgerows.

November Sunset from my Shropshire home

Anthony Sargeant photographed this sunset from his Shropshire home at 18.00 hrs on the 3rd November 2016 looking west across the sheep fields that surround the house. It was a quiet and clear night. The result of clear skies and a breeze from the north east was the first serious frost of the winter. via November […]

via November Sunset from my Shropshire home 

The first frost of winter photographed on the morning of 3rd November 2016


This photograph by Tony Sargeant was taken from the garden of his Shropshire (UK) home at around 8.00am on the morning of the 3rd November 2016 while the first winter frost still lay on the ground after the clear sky and cold north-west wind of the night before.

Clear sky at dusk on the 2nd November 2016 was followed by the first frost of winter


Anthony Sargeant took this photograph looking across the sheep meadows that surround his home at 6.00 pm on the 2nd November 2016. The clear sky combined with winds from the north-west combined to give us the first frost of winter here in Shropshire.

An Autumn Dawn in Shropshire photographed by Anthony Sargeant


Photographed from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home on the 24th September 2016 at 7.00 am. This view looks over the water meadows and up the valley of the River Corve. We are blessed with wonderful sunrises and sunsets because the house sits in the Corvedale.